Top 4 iPad Apps For Entertainment

Apple’s iPad is still the best selling tablet on the market, despite the competition being faster, better looking and with a lot more features. One of the main reasons why the iPad is so popular is its simplicity – you really can’t find any other tablet that is as easy to use as this one. Despite that, the operating system is actually very advanced, capable of doing pretty much anything you need it to.

The iPad was conceived as a consumer device, and as such, entertainment was one of its main purposes. There are plenty of apps on the market for entertainment, and below I’ve listed just my top picks:


Netflix is the number one service for watching TV shows and movies on demand by subscription. Their desktop application has been very successful, and when the mobile version was first released, everyone was ecstatic. The iPad app is pretty much a must have if you have a Netflix subscription (if not, get one!), and it allows you to stream movies and TV shows straight to your tablet, watch trailers for upcoming releases, find more interesting titles based on recommendations, share your watch list with your friends and more.

IMDB Movies and TV

IMDB is the largest database for information about actors, movies, producers, directors, TV shows and anything Hollywood related, really. The iPad app is a must have if you’re even remotely into watching current shows or any sorts of movies. The app lets you search for titles and names with ease, view trailers, communicate with other people on the forums, and use pretty much every other feature of the site while being in the comfort of a native app.


HBO has been building up quite the reputation – what with all the awesome new shows they have. HBO Go is the channels official online streaming service, which you can watch from anywhere, anytime using a subscription. Most of the TV shows that air on prime TV are available on HBO Go within a few days, so you don’t have to put up with advertising and watch the shows when you want. The HBO Go app for iPad lets you do just that.

LOL Pics

If you like wasting your time browsing funny pictures on your computer, you’ll probably hate me for mentioning this app. LOL Pics takes all of the funny images you can find online and puts them in one small, easy to use app on your iPad. You can sort the pictures by tags, description, site, category and other factors, and there are so many of them you’ll never be able to finish scrolling!

Entertainment is definitely one of the iPad’s strong points, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of apps on the iTunes Store in the category. If you have an iPad or plan on getting one, be sure to check out the apps above and search for more on the marketplace, of course.