CROYDON CY-Ii5H61M-S “Dvergr” Gaming PC by Computer Shop Arc

Computer_Shop_Arc_CROYDON_CY-Ii5H61M-S_Dvergr_Gaming_PCComputer Shop Arc has launched a new high tech Gaming Computer for all those gaming lovers out there. The Croydon CY-li5H61M-SDVRGR” is powered by 3.30 GHz Intel Core i5-2500k Processor. Some other important features of this high tech gadget [Read more…]

40-inch iPhone Table same like Apple iPhone 4 [Video]

40-inch iPhone Table iTableousThis 40-inch iPhone Table is built by Benjamin Bachmeier which looks same like iPhone 4 and can be used as a normal computer or a TV. [Read more…]

Jailbreak Apple TV with Seas0nPass, Coming to Windows!

You may have already known about this that Seas0nPass can only Jailbreak your Apple TV 2G only on Mac OS X users. Firecore the developer behind Seas0nPass, just announced in one of tweet that Seas0nPass will be coming out [Read more…]

Fix iTunes Error 3194 during DownGrading iPhone Firmware [Video Guide]

You must be trying to find a solution for the error coming your way when downgrading iPhone Firmware using iTunes. It’s the Error 3194 which cause problem during the downgrading. Well this is really a common problem around, but [Read more…]

TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 is now Available For Download and Compatible With iOS 4.2.1

The new updated version of TinyUmbrella 4.21.01 is released and available for download. TinyUmbrella as you all know is really important to all the iOS as it help us save our iDevices. How it can save our iDevices? Well it allows the user to manually [Read more…]

Download new iTunes 10.1 Final for Windows [32-bit/64-bit] & Mac OS X

Apple finally released the latest version of iTunes 10.1 for Windows and Mac OS X users. The previous version of iTunes 10.1 Beta, which is released by Apple for Windows and Mac and it is only available to developer [Read more…]

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