Vodafone UK Now Has Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus

Samsung’s New Galaxy Ace Plus is now available for UK user to purchase from Vodafone. If you want Galaxy Ace Plus free you can enter in a contract for 24 months at 26 GBP (about US $41) or if you want it without SIM you have to pay 248.98 GBP (about US $395).

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Samsung Series 5 ultrabooks will be in Pink and Brown Color

Two months ago, Samsung launched its series 5 ultrabooks. These laptops come with features like 13.3 inch display screens, inter core CPU, AMD Redeon HD 7550 GPU and an either an HDD or SDD.  It also supports battery life of up to 6.5 hours.

What’s new in this series is that Samsung has decided to bring this series 5 ultrabook in two new colors, i.e. Pop Pink and Mocha Brown.  Recently these two new colors have been released for sale in South Korea. The series 5 ultrabooks are available in market for $916.96.