LG Nitro HD Smartphone for AT&T having HD Display

LG_Nitro_HDAT&T has announced the release of LG Nitro HD Smartphone today. This Android Smartphone is one of a kind as it supports AT&T’s Long Term Evolution 4G [Read more…]

Mass Production of Retinal Display for iPad 3 Major Challenge for Manufacturers [Rumours]

ipad-2-retina-displayApple iPad 2 already having higher display resolution, but some sources had predicted that the upcoming iPad 3 will be having higher resolution. But now Apple requires hudge quantities of “Retinal Display” to start up the production process. At this point it is not sure Apple will be doubling the Pixel Density [Read more…]

LG’s First 31-Inch OLED Prototype Display at IFA

Talking about the OLED’s were only seen on Gadgets, Smartphones, Camera displays and look kind of cool as well. It is [Read more…]

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