Apple Now Launched iTunes Match Internationally

iTunes_Match_Now_internationalApple has finally decided to go international with it newly launched iTunes Match, as it has begun real launch of iTunes Match internationally [Reported MacRumors]. This is service is been offered internationally to all customers from yesterday. Well interestingly this time Apple [Read more…]

Apple tends to delete iCloud libraries with the launch of iTunes Match

iTunes_Match_LaunchAt the end of October, Apple sent a notice to the developers about resetting the iTunes Match beta developer accounts as the new service would be launched. This however was delayed due to some unknown reason. But now an official date and time has been released and Cupertino warned the developers that all iCloud [Read more…]

iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 Launched by Apple, iOS Beta 3 gets iWork


Apple is not planning to come out with any new iOS for iPhone or iPad yet, but on the other hand Apple just released iTunes 10.5 Beta 8 and iWork for iOS Beta 3 to all its developers. I guess why Apple [Read more…]

iTunes 10.3 Launched for Download [Mac and Windows]

iTunes_10.3_Beta_download_HereApple had announced its new iTunes 10.3 Beta at WWDC 2011, and now we are looking at beta version is been pushed by Apple for its users. iOS 5 was also announced at WWDC that why new iTunes 10.3 Beta [Read more…]

Apple launched iTunes 10.2.2 with Bug Fixes [Download Here]

After finished launching new iOS 4.3.2 [Download Here], now Apple has recently launch new iTunes 10.2.2 for both Mac Windows at the same time. iTunes as your know earlier had [Read more…]

Share Location using iPhone by New Shoudio App

Now a new Location Based Application is available for Apple iPhone users, which is actually a great addition to iTunes Apps Store. Shoudio is the new and amazing application which allows its users to [Read more…]

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