Stop CALLING IT Android Market! It’s Google Play Now

Google has now rebranded its Android applications store, which was previously known as Android Market is now Google Play with a completely different URL different than the Android Market Place. Well Google didn’t do it just to change the name, but now they strongly believe that Android Market was not just ordinary app store, but it has become a digital entertainment destination for the Android Smartphone fans. Which mean that now you will be able to enjoy all the cool application along with Games, Movies, Songs, and Books. It’s like a complete cloud package in form of Google Play which store all the Music, Movies and application online.

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Chrome Browser Support for Multiple Users Updated by Google

Google Chrome LogoGoogle is not leaving its users behind, as it has updated its lead Chrome browser which is now supporting the multiple users [Read more…]

New Google Gmail App for iOS Devices [How To Use]

Gmail_iOS_menuGoogle has now released an updated version (1.0.2) of its Gmail application for iOS. Here is a simple step by step guide for using it. [Read more…]

Kyobo Launch eBook Reader with Mirasol Color Display

Kyobo_mirasol_color_displayA new eBook reader has recently been launched by the Korean book selling company Kyobo. This gadget has not been priced yet but it comes along with high tech features which would definitely allow it to compete with other eBook readers [Read more…]

Now Tagging Photographs are Easier in Google+

Google-Plus-taggingIf you can having a lot of photographs of your friends and family uploaded to your Google+ account and you wish you could give them facial tags just like you did in Facebook, to make your life easier. Now it’s not just a wish now because Google has just introduced a new feature on Google+ [Read more…]

Google+ for iOS devices Now Submitted to Apple App Store Approval

google_plusAccording to Mashable, Google has submitted its Google+ on Apple App Store for Approval. This App will work with all the iOS devices.  This news came from one of Google Technicians Erica Joy who posted on Google+ [Read more…]

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