More Power with Huge Battery Inside New Apple iPad 3

People have been wondering this for a few days since the release of the third generation iPad that how much space the battery would be taking inside the iPad. If you don’t know already here are some details regarding the size of the battery along with how much it been used by the user.

If you have an iPad 2, you have noticed that iPad 2 is loaded with 25 Watt battery and it covers up about 3 quarters of space inside the iPad’s cover. Now Jordan Kahn of 9to5mac deduced that the new rechargeable lithium Polymer battery which has 70% more capacity will take up almost the entire surface area of the new tablet computer.

The reason why this battery has been made with 70% more capacity is to cope up with the Retina display feature along with the powerful A5X processor. Also the battery has to provide a 10 hour wireless productivity. A lot of battery power is consumed by 3G radios and so, to meet up the required power capacity for the features and application, the 3rd Generation iPad was requiring a bit up-sized battery.

Therefore Apple has made sure that customers of the new iPad enjoy all the latest features of the tablet with increased battery life.

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