Play HD GTA Chinatown Wars on Apple iPad

Just this last weekend I was thinking that I didn’t discuss anything about Apple iPad for a while. Now hold your iPad tight because it’s not save from crime now. Have you heard of Rockstar? I bet we all did. After a success of Rockstar game on iPhone now Rockstar has just released its own popular crime sim plus action game, it’s the GTA Chinatown Wars which is released today just for Apple iPad.

You all have seen this game as a cultural fact on the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, iPhone and also iPod Touch, but now this carjacked game has make it way to the very cool and modern Apple iPad. As you have known to the fact that iPad has got HD capabilities, so Rockstar utilize this HD feature and make this GTA available and playable on your iPad. GTA Chinatown Wars is having very smooth and crisper graphics, which provides you with more detail on blood, guts, violence all this in HD quality. Having the touch capability on the iPad, you will be having a complete new gaming experience as compare to big screen.

The thing is that this GTA Chinatown Wars is a bit like The Sims as we can see, but the fact is that it’s not boring as The Sim. Check out the few Images below.

GTA Chinatown Wars For iPad (2)

GTA Chinatown Wars For iPad (5)

GTA Chinatown Wars For iPad (8)