New Laser Projected Keyboard for Apple iPhone, iPad, Android, Nokia and Tablets

You might seen Keyboards like having physical keys, and there are many different type of keyboards around. But here i bet you never had seen this type of keyboard. Take a look at the new Celluon Magic Cube, it not just a ordinary cube, it gives you a Laser projection table keyboard. This new Laser projected keyboard can work with Apple iPhone, iPad, Android handsets, Nokia Smartphones and tablets.

Apple,iPhone,iPad,Nokia,Android,Lasser Projected keyboard

Take a look in video how this new laser projected keyboard works;


  1. Janet Cloete says:

    I would like more information about the Virtual Keyboard Product.
    Please can you tell me where I can buy samples from?

  2. That is some fuckin freaky Star Wars shit!!

  3. randy schaefer says:

    will this product work with the kindle fire HD 8.9

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