Mili PowerSpring 4 Gives your iPhone 4 More Battery Life

Talking about Apple new iPhone 4 and Samsung new Galaxy S, there is been some difference in both of these two Smartphones. Well you must be thinking of iOS and Android 2.1 or some of you even say iPhone 4 has Retina display and Galaxy S has Super AMOLED. That’s not it what you all are thinking, it’s the batteries we are talking about here because iPhone 4’s Battery is not removable but Galaxy S has removable battery. Now thing here is this for iPhone within the city its power will last that long up to the requirement but when you go on some big trip you will looking for a switch to plug-in and charge you iPhone 4 or may a extended battery pack.

iPhone 4 Power Extender

Now here is some more, you have also come across some battery packs which had make your iPhone 3G or 3GS bit more big in size for some more power as well. But I am showing the latest, which is I guess one the first of this kind of iPhone 4 case that has got a extended battery pack to ship where ever you want to go.

iPhone 4 Battery Power Extender Case

This is the new Mili PowerSpring 4 for just £ 54.99 ($ 85) and it now in open for iPhone 4 users. This is really the world’s thinnest iPhone 4 battery extender, which will help like, it will double your battery life. This new Mili PowerSpring 4 is loaded with 1600 mAh capacity Li-Pol battery. It’s time to give your iPhone 4 some more battery power.