How To Recover Deleted Data In Phones


Modern gadgets like phones are very convenient. It is a mainstream gadget people use today from students to professionals. It is simply something we cannot live without today. These phones have become better and offer new features as time goes by wherein it evolves into something that provides more and more services and entertainment. From photos, videos, instant messaging and so on, phones are simply embedded in a modern man’s living. However, what would you do in an event of losing some precious data in your phone?

Phones are not problem-proof. There are many cases of losing data in a phone like missing photos or accidentally deleted files. Fortunately, there are many possible solutions in recovering deleted data in your phone. There are two possible ways in doing so.

 How To Recover Deleted Phone Data?

There two methods available in recovering deleted phone data is by using a third-party recovery software and the other by using your phone’s backup feature.

Using A Third-Party Program

In using the third-party recovery program, you must first turn off your phone to avoid it from synchronizing to your backup program if ever you use one. Synchronization will overwrite the data in your phone and will decrease the chances of recovering the lost data. Also, remember that third-party recovery tools would have a different set of instructions regarding usage. Hence, the usual procedure requires you to install the tool in a computer, plug your phone, scan and recover.

Using Your Phone’s Backup

The next solution is to use your phone’s backup as given by the operating system or manufacturer of the phone. Apple’s iPhones use iTunes for backup and synchronization. Androids use Google backup services as well as other backup apps and cloud storage options. Windows Mobile also have its own backup program that you can install in your computer. Blackberry phones have Blackberry Desktop Software, Motorola have MotoBackup and other phone brands would have its own backup tool as well. To use these backup tools, you need to plug-in your phone to the computer to scan your phone and recover missing data.

After recovering the lost data, it is highly recommended to save the files in your computer or Mac as well as back it up in virtual storage options like iTunes or cloud storage to avoid losing it again. Remember, it is better to backup your files frequently so that recovery will be simple and easy if ever your phone goes bad.