Hootsuite iPhone App Review

Hootsuite for the iPhone is my favorite Twitter client because it’s more than just a Twitter client. The native Twitter app is just fine if you have one Twitter account for personal use. But if you have multiple Twitter accounts you use for your websites, Hoot Suite is the solution you’ve been looking for.

I manage multiple sites (multiple as in dozens and dozens). Each site has a Twitter account. You can imagine how difficult it is to keep all of my sites updated and on top of that connect with my fans on Twitter. It is downright impossible. Well, it was.

It took me a few years to finally jump on the bandwagon and see what that little owl can do for me. In just a few short weeks after diving head first I’ve now become somewhat of a Twitter-holic. You would think I’d go mad with all of the noise social media typically creates. But with Hoot Suite I was able to drown out the noise and see things clearly.

I would liken my social media experiences before to being in a forest full of trees. I didn’t know where to look, what to do or where to go next. But with the Hootsuite app it’s like I was taken in a helicopter ride and I can see the whole forest below me. It allows me to take the next correct step and clear my mind.

With Hootsuite, users can manage all of their Twitter accounts (and Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare). Hopefully soon they’ll add Google+ to the mix. Just what do I mean by “manage” though? You don’t just get to post updates to your Twitter feed, there’s a lot more to it than that. Let me go through a few of the things you can do with the HootSuite app.

Schedule Updates

Being on Twitter takes a lot of time if you have multiple accounts. You can spend an hour working on social media by posting updates or connecting with your followers every single day. This really eats up valuable time. But with Hootsuite I can schedule Twitter updates to occur in the future. Not just a few hours ahead, but days, weeks, even months ahead. This means that I can fire up an excel file full of status updates, add them to Hootsuite and it will drip feed my Twitter accounts for weeks on end automatically. It gives the impression that I’m working every day for weeks, when in fact I did all the work in just one day.

Add Feeds

Every marketer knows that Twitter is a goldmine for attracting new visitors to your blog. But how do you get your Twitter followers to visit your site? You’ve got to update your status with a link of course. If you’re posting to you blog every few days it can be time consuming to add the link to your latest blog post and share it with your followers. Hootsuite makes it easy by letting you add your blog feed to your Twitter account. Now, when you post an update to your blog, Hootsuite will add a link to the post automatically.

Track Click Stats

A big part of effective marketing is tracking the results of your advertising methods. Are users clicking what I’m putting out there? If so, how many click and which links did they click on? Hootsuite has built-in tracking of links created within the Hootsuite app. You can see full stats with graphs in a neat report that can be emailed to you every day, every week or every month. This way you no longer need to work hard to track the progress of your social media campaigns. Hootsuite creates an easy to read concise report for you to review at your convenience.