Did TweetDeck Acquired by Twitter for $50 Million?

According to TechCrunch, it has been reported that Twitter has acquired TweetDeck for around $40 – $50 million with Twitter stock and cash. Don’t worry! There won’t be any hold on TweetDeck by Twitter it’s still working really and I believe that twitter will improve it more.

You might have hear about the reports that first TweetDeck was been purchased by the UberMedia for round about $25 – $30 Million but Twitter take it seriously and Stopped the UberMedia for having so much control of Twitter market share.



This deal is defensive for Twitter, say all the sources we’ve spoken with over the last couple of months. They simply couldn’t allow UberMedia to have so much market share in this space. The company has acquired UberTwitter, EchoFon and a number of other Twitter-related startups. Adding TweetDeck to the UberMedia stable of products would give them too much leverage over Twitter, say our sources, and so Twitter made a strong defensive bid to disrupt the deal. Which succeeded nicely, apparently.