A Look At The HP Slate 7


It seems every few weeks we get a new tablet being announced from one of the large device manufacturers, and this time it’s HP announcing the Slate 7, its latest entry into the 7″ tablet market. Competing with the likes of the iPad Mini and Nexus 7, it will have to provide a niche for itself to gain some market share in a field that is quickly becoming very crowded.

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What Can The Tech World Learn From Google?


Did you know that early on, Google’s founders wanted to sell their technology to Yahoo? Called ‘back rub’, their technology focused on the backlinks websites generate when they link to each other naturally. Prior to Google, search engines focused mostly on the content on the pages they are trying to index and rank. This method is easy to manipulate. A shady promoter need only rip off the text of a competing site, make some changes, and outrank the competitor.

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If Open Source Is So Awesome, Why Is Photoshop Still King?


Open source enthusiasts can almost be every bit as annoying as Apple fan boys. Let’s do the quick attitude checklist, shall we? Considers every other option a bad choice? Check. Considers even buggy versions of open source software superior to or at least comparable to commercial software? Check. Thinks even forward thinking and socially responsible commercial software companies are parts of The Establishment? Check.

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Will Facebook Eat LinkedIN’s Lunch?


Professional job networking site LinkedIN has been a public company for quite some time and so far, it has avoided the fate of Facebook’s stock. While Facebook is the undisputed 800-pound gorilla of the social networking space, LinkedIN can boast of something Facebook wishes it had-a steady and growing revenue base.

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Top 3 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Screwups


Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft Corporation and turned it from an early producer of programming language modules for home computers into the world’s largest software company. He retired from day to day operations to focus on philanthropic activities and handed the reins of the Redmond Washington tech juggernaut to his college buddy and company founding member Steve Ballmer.

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