8 Essential iPhone Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts


With all the features and options on the Apple iPhone, it can take some getting use to especially for new smartphone users. If you unlock your iPhone you can do some unbelievable things, but even without unlocking you can still use your phone in ways you couldn’t imagine. Use these 8 essential iPhone tips and tricks to improve your iPhone experience.

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How To Recover Deleted Data In Phones


Modern gadgets like phones are very convenient. It is a mainstream gadget people use today from students to professionals. It is simply something we cannot live without today. These phones have become better and offer new features as time goes by wherein it evolves into something that provides more and more services and entertainment. From photos, videos, instant messaging and so on, phones are simply embedded in a modern man’s living. However, what would you do in an event of losing some precious data in your phone?

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4 Great Apps For A Jailbroken iPhone

Apple has just released the iPhone 5 and it definitely looks like it will sell just as many, of not more, units as its predecessors. While the company’s marketing strategy and the device’s hardware quality are top notch, the software is actually lacking. Sure, iOS is dead simple to use and that appeals to newbie users, but if you’ve stepped into the “advanced” category, iOS will start to seem restrictive to you.

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy iPhone 5

All the craze in the tech world at the moment is for Apple’s latest iPhone refresh, the iPhone 5. Frankly, they deserve it. This smartphone is sure to break all records (like their previous phones already did) and become the best selling smartphone of all time. It’s the thinnest smartphone ever made. It’s also lighter than the 4S, not to mention faster too. Add to that the new iOS 6 software and you have one amazing phone.

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Coming This Fall, The New iPhone 5

The smartphone market is ready to be shaken up once again this fall when the new iPhone 5 is released. All reports are pointing to an October release date of both the iPhone 5 running on the all new iOS 6. There have been countless rumors from enough sources the last several months that we can now have a pretty good idea of what the new iPhone5 will be like. Here is a list of the most realistic rumors.

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New Corning Gorilla Glass 2, Technical Specification for iPhone 5 Confirmed

There are still rumors and anticipations regarding the release of much awaited iPhone 5 but during last week’s announcement made by Apple, it has been confirmed that one of the important feature that would be present in the upcoming phone would be Corning’s Gorilla Glass.

Gorilla Glass is a feature which is already supported by iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Recently Corning has released the second version of its light and damage resistant sheet of glass, commonly known as Gorilla Glass.  It is a scratch resistant thin sheet of glass which is used for a number of products like cell phones, tablets, portable media players and laptops.

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