Must-Have Apps For Every iPad Owner


If you are new to the iPad the chances are that you want to get the most out of your new purchase. Being a tablet it can be a highly productive device as well as being an entertainment device. The App Store is full of productivity apps as well as games to keep you entertained. Depending on what you need your iPad for, here are the top iPad apps for each of these 5 main categories.

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Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers


A tablet format works well for web designers, who benefit from its portable size. Despite being small enough to carry around to design when inspiration strikes, it still provides adequate screen space for more unique or complex designs. As a result, there are numerous design apps specifically designed for the iPad. The following are a few of the best apps to choose from, whether you need help getting organized or are looking for advanced editing tools.

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Top 4 iPad Apps For Entertainment

Apple’s iPad is still the best selling tablet on the market, despite the competition being faster, better looking and with a lot more features. One of the main reasons why the iPad is so popular is its simplicity – you really can’t find any other tablet that is as easy to use as this one. Despite that, the operating system is actually very advanced, capable of doing pretty much anything you need it to.

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5 Types Of Insurance For The iPad

Deciding to insure your iPad is a decision that should be made soon after you buy it. Accidents can happen at any time and if you wait too long, it may be too late. Insurance rates generally range from $5-$15 a month. But it’s not as easy as signing up and you’re done. There are a plethora of options to choose from. The more coverage you select the more expensive it will be. You should choose the coverage that fits both your personal lifestyle and your budget.

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4 Ways iPads Are Used In The Classroom

We have yet to fully realize the power that the iPad can have in all of our lives. It has allowed those who are admittedly tech-illiterate to use a sophisticated computer device. It has quieted many a youngster during long car drives. It has allowed us to take a mini-computer along with us on the go, whether it be to work or to Hawaii for a vacation.

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More Power with Huge Battery Inside New Apple iPad 3

People have been wondering this for a few days since the release of the third generation iPad that how much space the battery would be taking inside the iPad. If you don’t know already here are some details regarding the size of the battery along with how much it been used by the user.

If you have an iPad 2, you have noticed that iPad 2 is loaded with 25 Watt battery and it covers up about 3 quarters of space inside the iPad’s cover. Now Jordan Kahn of 9to5mac deduced that the new rechargeable lithium Polymer battery which has 70% more capacity will take up almost the entire surface area of the new tablet computer.

The reason why this battery has been made with 70% more capacity is to cope up with the Retina display feature along with the powerful A5X processor. Also the battery has to provide a 10 hour wireless productivity. A lot of battery power is consumed by 3G radios and so, to meet up the required power capacity for the features and application, the 3rd Generation iPad was requiring a bit up-sized battery.

Therefore Apple has made sure that customers of the new iPad enjoy all the latest features of the tablet with increased battery life.