4 iOS Apps For Editing Photos And Videos

There are many things you can do on an iPad and iPhone, thanks to their Mac OS X derived operating system and the almost a million apps on the iTunes store. Browsing the Web, watching movies and listening to music, editing documents, making cheap video calls via VoIP, remotely logging into computers, administrating servers – these are just a few things that iOS can do in the palm of your hand.

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Google Chrome Coming To iOS?

Google Chrome, undoubtedly one of the most popular desktop browsers on Windows and OS X, is reportedly going to make its way onto Apple’s iOS platform sometime in the near future. A research firm by the name of Macquarie Equities Research is claiming that the browser could be coming to iOS as soon as this quarter, although this has yet to be confirmed by Google.

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Install iOS 5.1 on Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch [How to]

What is great about this week is not only the release of Apple’s iPad 3 but also iOS 5.1. The confirm date for the release of this new version of iOS 5 has not been disclosed yet but looking at the previous trends we can assume that iOS 5.1 would be available soon.

For all those people who would love to upgrade their devices as soon as the version hits the market, here is a simple method of how you can install it. The instructions of this method are also available on Apple’s support site.

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Factory Unlock Your iPhone Baseband 04.11.08 Using IMEI

It has been done! Finally CutYourSim Service has launched unlock solution for users who are stuck with iPhone having Baseband 04.11.08. According to CutYourSim team, if you will get this package for your iPhone, result will be Factory Unlocked iPhone.

After you order this package for Factory Unlock you have to wait for 5 to 15 days. You must be think how unlock will be done after just ordering the unlock solution. Well it is done by adding your IMEI number in the database of US service providers.

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New Guide for Developing iOS Apps launched by Apple

For developers Apple has launched a complete new guide on how to ‘Start Developing iOS Apps Today’.

Creating iOS apps is fun and rewarding, and if you’re a new developer you might be wondering where to begin. This road map provides the perfect starting point for iOS app development. On your Mac computer, you can create iOS apps that run on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Follow this road map to learn where to get the tools you need, understand the major concepts and best practices, and see where to find more information.