Must-Have Apps For Every iPad Owner


If you are new to the iPad the chances are that you want to get the most out of your new purchase. Being a tablet it can be a highly productive device as well as being an entertainment device. The App Store is full of productivity apps as well as games to keep you entertained. Depending on what you need your iPad for, here are the top iPad apps for each of these 5 main categories.

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The Best Free Firewalls


With so many security threats from viruses and malware coming from all corners of the Internet it is vital to keep your computer safe and secure. If you don’t properly secure your computer, then it can prove costly with identity theft potentially costing thousands of pounds as well as the cost of having to have your computer repaired or replaced.

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4 iOS Apps For Editing Photos And Videos

There are many things you can do on an iPad and iPhone, thanks to their Mac OS X derived operating system and the almost a million apps on the iTunes store. Browsing the Web, watching movies and listening to music, editing documents, making cheap video calls via VoIP, remotely logging into computers, administrating servers – these are just a few things that iOS can do in the palm of your hand.

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Top 3 Science iPad Apps For Kids

Kids love iPads and every child wants one for Christmas. Whether you get them the iPad they’ve been wanting this year is up to you, but there’s a lot more you can do with an iPad than play Angry Birds. The iPad, when used correctly, can be a valuable tool that can help children learn in new and exciting ways.

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Evernote iPhone & iPad App Overview

The Evernote app for the iPhone and iPad is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to store basic notes, pictures, links and other kinds of information to use while on the go. Sometimes you need to make notes, whether it’s a to-do list, an audio reminder or a picture you want access to on a different machine. No longer do you have to email little messages to yourself at work so you can later check it when you’re at home. Now you can access your notes on wherever you have Evernote installed.

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Instagram iPhone App Review

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is a popular photo editing app. This free app can instantly transform your bland images into beautiful artwork before your very eyes. The reason this app has become one of the most popular iPhone apps of all time is because of the social aspect of it. Every picture you take can be posted to your Twitter feed or Facebook wall so you can share your photography skills with your friends.

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