Is Apple’s Only Real Innovation Its Fanboy Marketing Cult?


The first time I saw an Apple reveal video, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Steve Jobs shtick is a work of marketing theatric genius. The large-screen background, the adoring crowd, the understated ‘elegance’, the mock turtleneck, the blue jeans. It all had borrowed elements of a college lecture, a motivational speech, and old school preaching mashed into one.

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Can Apple Survive In A Post-Steve Jobs World?


If you were going to assess how Apple is doing under its new head honcho Tim Cook, you would have to compare him with Steve Jobs. Sorry to break it to you, Timmyboy, but it had to be done. That’s like comparing Leonardo Da Vinci to the guy who prepares his canvases for him and manages his studio.

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New Incase Collection – iConic Artwork from Andy Warhol

Incase is back with more artistic work having more dope pieces honoring iconic artist, Andy Warhol. With a full line of bags, MacBook cases, and iPhone cases, Andy Warhol’s famous works like MarilynSkulls, and Butterflies are showcased on some up-to-date pieces we use every day. This is really modern way to honor and carry some culture.

The full collection is online at Incase, so turn your tech gear into a masterpiece.

DODOcase launched Spring/Summer Line of iPad Cases

DODOcase, who had made really stylish gent’s preferred cases for Apple iPad case, now recently released their Spring/Summer 2012 Line of iPad cases, which is quite a cool move that they launched new case in time for the arrival of Apple’s latest version of iPad slate.

DODOcase has offered four new double-tone colorways Cases that is loaded with pop in spring-appropriate hues. You can get the new iPad from DODOcase at $79.95.

Is Apple building its own Social network? iPhone Address Book Fiasco as Cue

Apple_social_networkApple as well know has done so many great things, but till now, it didn’t able to make name in “Social Web Services” like Facebook. If we recall Apple launched ‘Ping’, a music focus service which was launched in 2010, that was Apple [Read more…]

Apple Event Coming in February Squashed [Rumor]

Apple_planning_media_event_in_februaryThe Loop’s Jim Dairymple has squashed rumors about the Apple is planning to hold an unusual event, which will be in February. [Read more…]

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