Apple iTV Mockup Concept Design [Photos]

Apple_iTV_Mockup_designYou must have heard about the Apple iTV, one with completely redesigned and having user-friendly interfaces TV from Apple. Apple new iTV will be having ‘Siri’, popular assistant service that iPhone 4S have. Yes, you are right! You will be able to talk with the TV instead of using hand remote.


Artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen on Flickr posted a first mockup iTV today. This mockup iTV by artist shows the following features,

  • Siri Control
  • iCloud
  • AirPlay
  • HD Factime
  • 3D no-glasses
  • Full HD
  • iTV Apps
  • Multi-Touch Screen

Apple_iTV_Mockup_design_2Well this is just mockup iTV who knows what Apple will be launching, but I surely wish that iTV will be having more features than this.

Stay Tuned as more to come soon. If you have any view about this hit the comment box below!