Apple Conformed iOS 4.1 on UK WebSite 8th September

Apple’s new iPhone 4 have the new iOS 4, as you all already know that. And also it got few update in it as well like iOS 4.01 and iOS 4.02. Apple can’t stop to give it user more better or you can best products.

Great! It conformed here now, as according to the Apple’s Official  website for UK. The user in UK will be getting iOS 4.1 for download on Webnesday the 8th September. On the contrary side Apple’s US website is still display the non-commercial that “Coming Soon”, so keep an eye on it to be unpeeled.

Apple iOS 4.1 Released

Now we are going ahead of US users this time and may be the all new shiny iPods will be in retails store the same day of launch of iOS 4.1. But dont rely on these words it just my guess folks.

[Source: Engagdet]