4 iOS Apps For Editing Photos And Videos

There are many things you can do on an iPad and iPhone, thanks to their Mac OS X derived operating system and the almost a million apps on the iTunes store. Browsing the Web, watching movies and listening to music, editing documents, making cheap video calls via VoIP, remotely logging into computers, administrating servers – these are just a few things that iOS can do in the palm of your hand.

But I’d like to bring your attention to a more obscure capability of iOS – editing photos and videos! OK, so quite a few people know that the former was possible, but the ability to edit videos was introduced with iMovie for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, so it’s still relatively unknown. Since then, there have been quite a few great apps released that can do this kind of resource intensive editing. Here are some of the best apps for photo and video editing:


iMovie was released specifically to showcase the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 performance, and needless to say, it did impress. The app lets you shoot, edit and save HD movies just like you would on a desktop, which is really impressive. You can cut frames, mix audio/video, add special effects and much more.

Photoshop Touch/Express

Adobe’s Photoshop is the most popular photo editing app in the world, and with tablets and smartphones quickly overtaking laptop and desktop niches, the company just had to release a version suitable for the new age touch screen devices. Photoshop for iOS (Touch for the iPad and Express for the iPhone) has pretty much everything you need to take a photo, edit it and share it with friends. You can create effects, resize and crop the picture, use layers and tools and more.

Photo Editor by Aviary

If you want something simpler than Photoshop for editing the photos you take with your iPhone or iPad, Aviary’s Photo Editor is the second best choice. You can do basic editing quickly and easily, and the app has support for easy visual effects, text and other tools. Despite being simple, it’s a great tool for anyone who takes photos often and shares them online or with their friends.


Snapseed is very similar to Instagram and Aviary – it lets you both edit photos and transform them, as well as add special effects and filters for a better result. It’s a paid app, though, but if you don’t want to use Instagram and another editing app separately, it’s a great choice.

The iPad and iPhone are very versatile devices that can be true computers in the hands of those who know how to use them. If you’re an avid photographer or like to take videos, be sure to check out the apps above – they can enable you to edit your creations without even using your computer.