4 Great Apps For A Jailbroken iPhone

Apple has just released the iPhone 5 and it definitely looks like it will sell just as many, of not more, units as its predecessors. While the company’s marketing strategy and the device’s hardware quality are top notch, the software is actually lacking. Sure, iOS is dead simple to use and that appeals to newbie users, but if you’ve stepped into the “advanced” category, iOS will start to seem restrictive to you.

Thankfully, there is a process called jailbreaking, which gives you full control over the OS’ file system, which means you can do so much more than with a default installation. Not many want to jailbreak their iPhone, but there are a lot of compelling reasons to do so. One of them is installing apps that would normally not work or have not been approved on the iTunes market. Here are a few of these apps:

Dashboard X

The iPhone’s home screen looks very simple… too simple for a modern smartphone. The rounded icons are good and all, but there’s definitely room for improvement. With a jailbroken iPhone, you can install Dashboard X – an app that allows you to place actual, functioning widgets right on the home screen. Why this was still not implemented by Apple I’ll never understand – it’s simply so much better!


One of the major gripes with the iPhone is the way it gives the user access to the file system – it’s just too restricted. On a device with 32 or 64 GB filled to the brim, this is an especially bad problem. With a jailbroken iPhone and iFile, you can finally have the freedom to create, edit, delete, move and do any other operations with the files on your phone – just don’t change any system files, of course.


IntelliScreenX is a lightweight, yet powerful app that will let you place widgets on the lockscreen, which is much more useful than you’d think. You can have your lockscreen display all sorts of information, from news to upcoming events to the weather or network information, all available with one look, without even sliding the unlock slider.


VoiceUtils is a pretty interesting tool that lets you customize Siri’s voice commands. You can set up Siri to be able to restart your phone, enter safe mode and airplane mode, work with files on the phone (edit, create, delete) and more.

There are plenty of other great apps that make jailbreaking worth it – you can scour the Web using Google to find them. If your iPhone is out of warranty or you’re confident you won’t break anything (it’s pretty hard to, actually), be sure to give jailbreaking and the apps above a try.