Must-Have Apps For Every iPad Owner


If you are new to the iPad the chances are that you want to get the most out of your new purchase. Being a tablet it can be a highly productive device as well as being an entertainment device. The App Store is full of productivity apps as well as games to keep you entertained. Depending on what you need your iPad for, here are the top iPad apps for each of these 5 main categories.

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8 Essential iPhone Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts


With all the features and options on the Apple iPhone, it can take some getting use to especially for new smartphone users. If you unlock your iPhone you can do some unbelievable things, but even without unlocking you can still use your phone in ways you couldn’t imagine. Use these 8 essential iPhone tips and tricks to improve your iPhone experience.

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Useful iPad Apps for Web Designers


A tablet format works well for web designers, who benefit from its portable size. Despite being small enough to carry around to design when inspiration strikes, it still provides adequate screen space for more unique or complex designs. As a result, there are numerous design apps specifically designed for the iPad. The following are a few of the best apps to choose from, whether you need help getting organized or are looking for advanced editing tools.

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A Look At The HP Slate 7


It seems every few weeks we get a new tablet being announced from one of the large device manufacturers, and this time it’s HP announcing the Slate 7, its latest entry into the 7″ tablet market. Competing with the likes of the iPad Mini and Nexus 7, it will have to provide a niche for itself to gain some market share in a field that is quickly becoming very crowded.

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5 Family Gadgets For Elderly Family Members


Gadgets are not the exclusive domain of the younger generation. An increasing number of older people are discovering how modern technology can help them in their everyday lives.

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What Can The Tech World Learn From Google?


Did you know that early on, Google’s founders wanted to sell their technology to Yahoo? Called ‘back rub’, their technology focused on the backlinks websites generate when they link to each other naturally. Prior to Google, search engines focused mostly on the content on the pages they are trying to index and rank. This method is easy to manipulate. A shady promoter need only rip off the text of a competing site, make some changes, and outrank the competitor.

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